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Good-bye Digital Double
Over a year ago I redescovered my passion for art through this little comic. However, I'm ready to move on to something else. I believe I've pretty much run this comic into the ground so I'm going to start a new comic with new characters and have it be a continuous story. Thanks for all the support from everybody. You guys rock!
Posted by dxprog on May 5, 2007

Just a little note that I'll be taking a hiatus for a while. I hope that doesn't tick any one off to badly. I'll probably be back sometime in March. Later.
Posted by dxprog on February 25, 2007

New Site Design
After a long time ofprocrastination I finally got around to giving the site a look all it's own, not to mention a spiffy new logo (that was the hard part). I don't have all the pages quite finished yet, but the main ones (home, comic, archive) are all there. Enjoy! (not sure why I always end news post with that...)
Posted by dxprog on January 15, 2007

Wii Sensor Bar
I apologize for a lack of a comic today (got my Wii :-D). Speaking of which hopefully I can make up a little bit by including this video on how the sensor bar works. Check it out
Posted by dxprog on November 20, 2006

The Database of Life - Conclusion
I'd completely forgotten I had this comic mostly finished until I read a comment by Schorhr, so I finished it up and here it is. Makes life a little easier. On;y problem is now I'll have to beg Mother Theresa (and God for that matter) for mercy when I get to the pearly gates.
Posted by dxprog on November 13, 2006

Dora's High Adventures
Remember, kids, don't do drugs.
Posted by dxprog on November 10, 2006

Garm's Food Shack
Yeah, so, Monday is going to be a crappily drawn black and white comic whereas Friday's shall be CG cleaned and full color.

About the comic itself most of the story credit goes to devusb. Kick ass!
Posted by dxprog on November 6, 2006

It would seem we have reached an impasse
Alright, I've come to the crossroads on the comic. Given my busy Wal-Mart schedule and the fact that creating a comic takes about 4-5 hours here's what I propose to do: leave it up to you. (I personally lean towards option 3)

Yeah, so. Vote. Now. And on Tuesday if you're lucky enough.
Posted by dxprog on November 4, 2006